Our Process

RipTide Threads was born out of the necessity for custom clothing with low minimum orders. We own a clothing store in Long Beach, Washington called Frantic Fred’s. Many years ago I found a great deal on embroidered hats. Unfortunately, I needed to buy 100 dozen (1200) of these hats to get such a deal. My store just could not sell them in a timely manner. It would have taken fifteen to twenty years to sell all those hats! By that time the style would no longer be “in” and the colors would be reminiscent of harvest gold and avocado appliances from the 1970s. Needless to say, I didn’t make the order and we were stuck buying more expensive, less cool hats. We invested in heat transfer and embroidery machines for our store so we could do short runs of hats, shirts, and hoodies. The word got out and we soon began doing orders for customers.

We started with heat transfer and embroidery but have since added digital garment printing, heat sensitive vinyl, and rhinestones.


embroideryChoose a garment and send us your file, logo, or request. Great artwork in equals magnificent embroidery out. Your file or logo needs to be digitized and turned into an embroidery file (.DST). This file tells my machines where to stitch, where to stop, and when to change color. If you don’t have artwork, you can browse our online catalog of stock designs and we can add the lettering.  GO


SignsWe have a number of different sign materials that we can print onto. Signs are great for branding and events. They increase sales, foot traffic, word of mouth, and perceived quality. Both quantity and quality count. GO


Direct to Garment Printing is a relatively new, cutting edge, technology. It’s a little like silk screening but without the costly setup fees, and complicated art preparation. direct to garment printingThe printer looks like a copy machine on steroids and prints directly onto the garment. It is capable of virtually thousands of colors and does best on light colored shirts and hoodies. The ink has a soft hand and actually becomes part of the garment. This is great for family reunions or trips, Boy Scout troops, businesses, or large events. Simply click on the Design Studio to begin creating.


Shop our catalog of available garments and accessories.  catalog